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Welcome to The Navy Wings Weekly Lottery!

Our weekly lottery is a fun and exciting way to help raise funds to preserve and fly the nation's unique naval aircraft. Sign up today and you'll have the chance each week to win a wonderful £10,000, or one of many other great prizes!

It's just £1 to enter the Lottery. Match three or more numbers and you'll win a cash prize between £5 and £1,000. If you match all six numbers, you'll win an incredible £10,000!

The development of Britain’s great naval aviation heritage is one of the most remarkable stories of the past hundred years. It is a story of epic achievement, heroic and daring actions and world leading technological advancement that radically shaped history.

Funded by public donations, Navy Wings brings the excitement and discovery of this story to life by restoring, maintaining and flying a collection of historic aircraft which includes the legendary Swordfish and remarkable Seafire.

By playing the Navy Wings Weekly Lottery, you will help us to fly our collection of historic aircraft and ensure that as many people as possible experience the unforgettable sight and sound of these nationally important aircraft in the air. All money raised by the lottery helps us to repair old parts, develop new ones, maintain and preserve our aircraft to the highest standards and make sure that they are fully ready to take part in events across the country.

We fly to inspire and remember.

Reuniting veterans with their remarkable aircraft